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Students on graduation day

Online Student Services That Enable Retention

By working in higher education you have seen a reduction in retention rates over the last few years. In 2018, the student dropout rate had …

student under stress because of his low grades

The 5 Types of Academic Alerts Used By Success Centers (and how to address them)

Every school wants their students to be successful.  Academic Alert Systems are campus-wide efforts that support students throughout their entire learning journey. By leveraging an …

QuadC Email Templates For Teachers

4 Early Alert Student Email Examples You Can Use

When a student is flagged for poor performance, most early alert systems will automatically send them an email in an attempt to get the student …

An executive looking at data charts for his college

How Data Reporting Can Transform Resource Allocation in Higher Education

Resource allocation within higher education institutions has become a challenge in an era affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and dwindling student enrollment numbers. These problems …

two women meet in a student success center

Online vs. In-Person Student Success Centers: Which is better in higher ed?

The recent pandemic has changed the world, from business to socializing, even education has been drastically altered by the change from largely in-person operations to …

Hands shown communicating a point.

How to Develop Communication Skills in Students

How many are students working outside of their studies? Studies suggest More than half (53 percent) of college graduates are not working or are underemployed. …

checklist of things to do for early alert system

7 Essential Steps To Creating An Early Alert Program

Implementing an early alert program is an excellent way to improve student retention. These tools can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your student success centres. …

A prospective student listens to a higher education recruiter

6 Innovative Student Recruitment Strategies for Higher Education

Recruiting students is one of the most important tasks for an institution. Even if a school has optimized all aspects of its courses and programs, …

student avatar with alert icon

Five Reasons Why Your Student Early-alert System (SEAS) is Not a Success

As a collaborative and protective early intervention program, the early-alert program is designed to help increase the retention of students in higher education. Also known …

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