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high dosage tutoring blog

Why does high dosage tutoring work?

A new and increasing trend is pushing for high dosage tutoring to assist students in recovering from learning loss. Unlike standard tutoring, which may take
early alerts in university

What are Student Early Alerts in Higher Education and Why Do They Matter?

If your students are lacking motivation and not doing well in class, they may benefit from an early alert system. In this guide, we’ll break
online learning vs blended vs e-learning

Online vs Distance vs Blended vs E-Learning: Facts and Difference to Know

The days when distant and online education were just beginning to become more visible and accessible, piqued students’ interest, are long gone. Online learning is
Guided Pathway Image

What is a guided pathway and why they matter

Motivating a student and encouraging them to find their right academic path can be difficult. Guided pathways can be a potential solution. Student-guided pathways are
5 ways to improve online student retention

5 Ways to Improve Online Student Retention

One of the most important aspects of any college or university’s success is online student retention. The idea that student retention is everyone’s role is
TRIO SSS grant application

TRIO Student Support Services Grant Application

Are you looking for ideas for your next TRIO student support services grant application? Many colleges are turning to QuadC to help them submit an
Recorded Tutoring Sessions

The Value of Recorded Tutoring Sessions

Information is everywhere.  Advertisements bombard us when we’re on our phones, watching television, and even boarding city transit services. We can use any wifi-enabled device
blended tutoring model

5 Tips for a Blended Tutoring Model

Hopefully soon, people around the world will be able to say that they live in a post-pandemic world. It’s a lot to look forward to,
how tutoring helps students

How Tutoring Helps Students, Whether In-Person or Online

Tutoring in higher education can exist in multiple modes, including in-person, online, and hybrid. Fortunately, there’s no need to choose one over the other, as

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