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Alumni Mentorship Platform Blog Header Image

How Online Mentoring Platforms Increase Alumni Mentorship

There is significant research about student retention and graduation in higher education. But what about once they’ve successfully achieved their degree? Alumni still have a …

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8 Recommendations for an Effective Online Faculty Mentorship Program

In many workplaces, coworkers sit next to each other in cubicles or meet at conference tables. They share gossip at the water cooler and run …

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How Learning Communities Transform Members and Society

The term learning community is well understood in higher education. Harvard, for example, defines a learning community as a space and a structure for people …

Roles Great Mentor Blog Header

Social and Emotional Roles of a Great Tutor

In an editorial on the research topic of academic advising and tutoring in higher education, McIntosh, Thomas, Troxel, van den Wijngaard, and Grey (2021) provide …

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The ROI of Faculty Mentoring

For every institution of higher learning, your employees are your most valuable resources. They are the face of your school. They work with students, liaise …

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How Tutoring Enriches the Lives of e-Learning Students

Learning isn’t easy for everyone. Especially when students transition from K-12 school to higher education, they may encounter material and expectations that seem overwhelming or …

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Top 10 Benefits of Having the Right Faculty Mentorship Program

Any new job can be stressful. Years of education and subject matter expertise aren’t always enough to make a new employee feel confident about entering …

Peer to Peer Tutoring

How a University Increased Student GPA by 25% Through Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

A 2019 research study adds to the body of research showing the positive impact of Peer-to-Peer (PTP) tutoring programs.

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