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Faculty Quad is an online platform that provides higher education institutions with the tools they need to improve the professional development of professors and instructors.

You care about teaching. We care about teaching too.

Faculty Quad is the only product that gives an institution a complete view of their professors from within the tenure development process, from onboarding to retirement. With features like assessments, residencies, and more, this comprehensive tool streamlines the professional development process for higher education institutions.

Make your training accessible for all

Asynchronous access to webinars and training modules means you can bring the best learning opportunities to all of your instructors. Facilitate pedagogical excellence by improving the professional development of your instructors with Faculty Quad.

Meet Real People
Matching students

Improve the quality of your professor's professional development

Higher education institutions can make a real impact on their students’ lives by improving the quality of their professors’ professional development with Faculty Quad. Facilitate one-on-one sessions, group training sessions, events, and workshops with faculty members to bolster everyone’s skill set.

Create a better learning environment

Faculty Quad enables higher educational institutions to create a better learning environment for professors and their students. Facilitating professional development throughout the tenure development process of professors, Faculty Quad provides resources that are available anytime & anywhere.

Easy To Use

How it works

Browse Alumni Profiles

Browse Faculty Mentor and Mentee Profiles

Faculty browse each other's profiles, identifying stories, expertise, and backgrounds that resonate. Our powerful search and filtering makes it easy for every participant to find the perfect match.

Schedule with Students

Scheduling Programs and Resources Made Easy

Find availability via profiles or search for dates and times that fit their schedule, either way we make it easy. Sessions can be set up as 1-on-1 or in groups. Our platform automatically sends out reminder notices so each session goes off without a hitch.

Connect Online Easily

Video Conferencing and Whiteboard Solution Included

Once a session is booked, a calendar invite is sent to all parties with the QuadC video conference link included. If you want to integrate with Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams we have you covered.

Build a community of educators

  • Create a culture of mentorship
  • Retain, engage and develop top faculty
  • Build confidence and networking
  • Support diversity & inclusion
  • Promote and scale faculty success
  • In-person, on-line, or hybrid - one platform to manage it all
Scale Your Alumni


Customizable virtual user experience

Customizable virtual user experience


Powerful search and filtering

Manage all your events and workshops in one place​

Manage all your events and workshops in one place​

Text Messaging​

Text Messaging





Live Support

Live Support

Collaborative Onboarding​

Collaborative Onboarding​

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