Academic Literacy

What is academic literacy?

Academic literacy is a term that refers to the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and participating in academic discourse. The term can be applied to students, teachers, researchers, and university administrators. However, it may also be used to describe the skills of those who work outside academia.

The skills involved in academic literacy include: critical thinking and problem-solving, information literacy (finding and evaluating sources), writing (clear expression of ideas), oral communication (giving presentations), computing (use of technology), and digital citizenship (online safety). These skills are required to successfully navigate the world we live in today. Those who have mastered them will be able to stand out as leaders among their peers.

Academic Literacy: What it Means

Academic literacy refers to the way we read, write, and use texts to participate in academic discourse. It is shaped by institutional goals for student learning as well as social forces such as power and privilege. Academic literacies can be seen as embodied practices that enable us to participate in academic communities and shape our sense of self-esteem.

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