Guided Pathway

What is a student guided pathway?

The Guided Pathways model of education is a new, innovative way to provide quality and personalized learning opportunities for all students. The Guided Pathways model provides students with information about the requirements they need to graduate, which can make it easier for them to make informed choices about their educational trajectory. 

A guided pathway is a set of courses and educational opportunities that can be selected by students to align with their interests, strengths, and goals. These pathways guide students through a series of courses, higher education institutions, or professions. The idea behind them is that they provide students with resources and information to help them explore their interests and learn about potential careers.

In the past, colleges were more likely to offer choices for students based on what major they would like to pursue. In this way, many students found themselves taking courses in subjects they weren’t as interested in as a requirement for other classes that were relevant to their major.

Today, there are many pathways available where each course intentionally connects with the next. You might not know exactly what you want to pursue at first, but these paths will help you explore your options and make decisions as you go along.

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