Higher Education

What is higher education?

Higher education is learning that takes place in institutions of higher learning like colleges and universities. This type of education can also take place in secondary or post-secondary schools, but most people think of it as the type of education that one gets after one graduate’s high school.

The term “higher” refers to the level of learning that takes place in these institutions, with undergraduate degrees at the lower end, master’s degrees at the intermediate level, and doctorates at the highest level. However, not all students enroll for doctorates–many will complete their undergraduate degree and pursue a career instead. It depends on what your goals are for your life.

People want different things out of higher education. Some people don’t want it at all because they know they’ll never go back to school no matter how many times you ask them to reconsider. And some people just want to get it over with so they can start working on their careers!

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