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Major Degree

What is a major degree?

Before we delve deep into what a major is, it’s important to note that in some cases, colleges may not require you to declare your major. This means that if the college doesn’t ask for additional information about majors on their application when making an admissions decision, they’re likely assuming students will be undecided when they enter college and choose their course of study during freshman year.

That being said – a major degree is usually granted upon graduation from undergraduate school or university after completing 120 credits hours (or 4 years) worth of courses related to one area of specialization such as management, engineering, or computer science.

The most common types are Bachelor’s degrees which offer general teaching ability while Master’s degrees provide specialized knowledge in more specific subjects like law enforcement administration.

Once you’ve completed a degree in one discipline, it’s possible to do another course that focuses on something else but still counts as work towards your first qualification (degree). You’ll need more than five years for this kind of course too!

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