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Choose a better way to manage your learning support services​ outside the classroom

Online Classroom

Online & In-Person Sessions

  • Ability to book either synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
  • Connect with your students regardless of bad weather, illness and without having to commute to campus.
  • Automatic attendance tracking and recording of sessions with the online classroom.
  • Online classroom suitable for all types of subjects: math, writing, languages, computer programming, etc.
online session
1 to many

1-To-Many Video Sessions

  • For workshops, online instruction and group collaborations, connect your host to more students to scale your reach and impact.
  • Multi-way audio-video layout with instinctive speaker recognition brings alive the real classroom experience.
  • Several features designed to allow only the host to control activities and prevent disruption, in order to deliver a productive session.

On/Off Boarding

  • Invite academic support staff to self-register with the click of a button, and they’ll follow a step-by-step guide to build their profiles and select availability. Review and approve requests from your admin portal.
  • Individual registration or bulk uploading if you have a list of pre-approved academic support staff.
  • When tutors and academic support staff leave your program, we make updating your list easy.

Scheduling & Attendance

  • Customized schedule workflow… see how KPU benefits using our scheduling feature.
  • Students and staff can book in-person or online sessions.
  • Multiple sessions and attendance tracking supported: 1 to 1, group, or drop-in.
  • Multiple programs supported: Learning Assistants, Peer Assisted Learning, Advising, Mentoring, professor office hours, etc.
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder notifications sent to session participants.

Instant Messaging

  • In-app messaging, makes for instant communications between students and staff. With a centralized repository for communications, safety and compliance for academic integrity are improved. See how Laurentian University is leveraging our in-app messaging.

Session Feedback

  • Feedback forms automatically sent to the student and/or academic support staff once sessions are completed.
  • Create different surveys for different roles.
  • Set as mandatory or optional, and set frequency.
  • Feedback data aggregated into admin portal.

Data & Analytics

  • Gather session activity data.
  • Track popular times, days, subjects, tutors, students, payments.
  • Know where to allocate resources and adjust programs as needed.
  • Filter data at the click of a button.
  • Generate report data for professors, advisors, etc.


  • Central repository for all communication.
  • Set different levels of access to support staff.
  • Quickly see key stats on the admin portal main page.
  • Review communications and sessions details for compliance and academic integrity.
  • Allow and remove access for students and tutors as needed.
  • See how Sheridan College is able to monitor activity across all campuses.

Increase the impact of your student support resources

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