Recruitment Quad

Easily manage your institution's recruitment program

Scale recruitment by enlisting your most valuable resource - your current students

Our Recruitment Quad is a great way to scale your institution’s outreach to high school and elementary students. Our platform makes it easy for teachers to invite a student ambassador to speak to their class or mentor a small group. Recruitment QuadC vastly improves the number of schools you can reach out to with your best recruiters - your current students.

Schedule recruitment seminars virtually, enabling your team to communicate with more prospective students than is possible with in-person sessions. Reach out to more qualified students across a wider geographic target with this online recruitment platform.

How it works

Browse Student Profiles

Teachers browse your student ambassador profiles, identifying students whose story they believe will resonate with their class or small groups. Our powerful search and filtering makes it easy for every teacher to find the right ambassador.

Scheduling Made Easy

Find student availability via their profiles or search for students who fit the class time, either way we make it easy. Our platform automatically sends out reminder notices so each session goes off without a hitch.

Video Conferencing Included

Once the student ambassador is booked, a calendar invite is sent to all parties with the QuadC video conference link included. If you want to integrate with Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams we have you covered.



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Collaborative Onboarding​​

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