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Learn from academic leaders how our fully customizable solution is helping educational institutions deliver student success services to improve student engagement and retention.

  • 50% increase in passing grades.
  • Average GPA raise from 2.73 to 3.45.
  • Proven DFW Rate Reduction.
Sdtudent Success Plan

Trusted by Leading Educational Institutions

Redwoods College
Carleton University
Sheridan Univesity
Saskatchewan Polytechnic School
University of Pittsburgh
Ohio University
Laurentian University
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Georgia State University
Dalton State
Bowling Green State University
University of Saskatchewan
University of toronto
Cuyahoga Community College
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Simple. Insightful. Scalable.

Everything you need to connect, communicate and collaborate with your students, staff, faculty and advisors with a secure and insightful solution. It’s never been easier to increase the efficiency of student success centres!

Integrate with the tools you already use

Securely Sync with your SSO, SIS, LMS, and collaboration platforms and connect all your data for a single, unified experience. Simple to administer and maintain.

Mobile And Laptop

Secure and easy to implement

Pick the Quad that best fits your needs and immediately unlock a robust set of features to easily get started and iterate as your organization grows and changes.

Hear From Our Partners

“Students are able to connect to affordable and accessible course content support. This was made easier with QuadC.”

"QuadC has provided us the flexibility and support to continue to provide one-on-one tutoring services to our students living in Canada and internationally."

“QuadC is becoming more and more popular but there’s been no lack of attention to our needs. Customer Success has been very prompt, accommodating and polite in every one of our points of contact.”

Want to increase student success and retention?

Enable administrators and educators to work together in a student-centric way.