University of Pittsburgh Case Study

University of Pittsburgh | Virtual Tools Solving In-Person Challenges

The University of Pittsburgh has a long and rich history. Founded in 1787, its alumni have gone on to create the vaccine for polio, sequence DNA, and be thought leaders in organ transplantation, television, and heavier than air flight.

With such accolades, it is no surprise that UPitt has been ranked as one of the nation’s top 20 public universities and achieved top 3% global ranking. The school boasts 645 degree and certificate programs. Just as impressive, 94% of its graduates find a career within 6 months.

As with many universities, UPitt was caught off guard by the pandemic and was forced to adapt quickly to the changing needs of their students. We are proud to have partnered with UPitt in 2020, and we continue to support their students with a Student Success Platform.


  • Fast implementation of video conferencing.
  • Seamless integration with preexisting scheduling tools.

Challenges Before QuadC

  • 12 unique academic support entities with specific scheduling and service needs.
  • Other companies were not able to integrate with their existing scheduling tool.
  • They had no standalone virtual conferencing tool.
  • They needed their links between sessions to remain consistent.


QuadC has become an important tool for UPitt to deliver video conferencing in a way that works with their existing systems. Even as they transition back to in-person meetings, QuadC features are still used as a valuable tool to enable connections with students. 

Key Features

Partner Testimonial

“We chose to start using QuadC during the pandemic so that our peer tutors could continue to tutor virtually from their homes. After trialing a couple of virtual platforms, we decided to go with QuadC for a couple reasons. The first, and most important, was the standalone classroom and specific link each of our tutors would receive. This integrated into our scheduling system very easily while the other alternative was having our tutors send a link for each session before every appointment. We also appreciated the functionality of the whiteboard. Specifically, we liked the ease of sharing documents, the ability to keep content in the whiteboard between sessions, and the snapshot feature.”

Jennifer Smith

Academic Coach, University of Pittsburgh

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