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Upswing vs QuadC

Upswing Alternative
Are you looking for an alternative software solution to UpSwing?

UpSwing is a new company that offers AI virtual assistants for students, a tutoring platform, and a scheduling tool. Maybe you use Upswing and are unhappy with it, or perhaps you are still considering which software to use. Regardless, we believe that QuadC is the best solution for your needs.

UpSwing has an AI to send messages to struggling students. While AI solutions are growing in popularity, soon the industry will realize that these systems are too expensive, unnecessarily complex for their application, and they don’t actually accomplish the goal of creating genuine relationships with students.

Alternatively, the early alert system from QuadC will take the struggling student through a supportive, and human, workflow that gets at the very heart of the issue and works to resolve it. No bandaids here. We work with you to make your processes more efficient than ever before.

We are definitely biased, but we know that the QuadC system is far more effective. Our entire ecosystem gives you early alerts, a virtual tutoring platform, assignment review tool, and scheduling tool. We are here to support you (and your students) in every way outside of the classroom.

QuadC will create stronger workflows, better integrations, and offer far better support than anyone else. There is a reason that our partners have become champions for QuadC. We are tirelessly focussed on your success. We want you to join the ranks of our successful partners. Click below now to learn more from one of our specialists.

Why QuadC is the preferred solution for your tutoring programs

QuadC has been built with the latest cloud-based, micro-services architecture. This means we can help our clients quickly roll out additional features and custom workflows to help meet their ever-growing needs.
Why QuadC

QuadC by the Numbers


Students Served


Sessions Deliverd


Assignments Reviewed

Student retention is a challenge for educational institutions.

That's why ensuring students show up for supplemental learning support is so important.

QuadC connects students with all their available services, both online and in-person. Integrated asynchronous and synchronous technology enables effective communication and collaboration between administrators, professors, advisors, mentors, coaches and students.

Why Choose QuadC ?

Student Friendly Interface

Students love the ease and simplicity in navigating available services and finding the right resources to connect with.

Scheduling Simplified

Students, advisors and administrators all love the flexibility and ease of use to handle self-bookings by each role.

In-Person, Online, Drop-Ins

Regardless in how your offer services, QuadC is flexible enough to ensure the software won't be limiting your centers' success.

Impact Reporting

You and your team work so hard, let's make sure your efforts can be easily measured and showcased to help build the case on why you need more resources..

Collaborative Virtual Rooms

Of course we integrate with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx. But when you need a more tailored virtual classroom to connect resources in a meaningful way we have you covered!

Don't just take our word...

QuadC’s adamant about their product; they are pushing something awesome. More than that was their willingness to work with us to customize the product. Phenomenal!

QuadC is formatted in a way that’s familiar to our students. They can chat with Tutors like they would on Facebook. It’s a better user experience!

It has been a pleasure working with you and the entire QuadC team to help the University of Pittsburg implement its new Academic Support model. I would rate all of you a 10 for your responsiveness and willingness to adjust the platform and accommodate our different use cases.

Simple, affordable pricing for a fully customizable solution
that can even integrates with your other campus tools!