About Us

To empower people to share knowledge with those who are keen to learn

What is QuadC

QuadC is helping educational institutions to effortlessly deliver their academic support services to improve student recruitment and retention. Our flexible platform enables institutions to connect students with all their available services, both online and in-person. Integrated asynchronous and synchronous technology enables effective communication and collaboration between administrators, professors, advisors, mentors, coaches and students. 

With hassle-free scheduling, matching workflows and powerful analytics, institutions will see increased student retention, improved productivity, and streamlined operations. QuadC is trusted by Georgia State University, University of Pittsburgh, Maryville University, McMaster University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Carleton University, Sheridan College, and many more.

QuadC – the perfect solution to supporting students beyond the classroom!

Online Classroom

Our mission​​​

Universal access to knowledge should be a right and not a privilege. However, bright, creative and ambitious people often lack resources or access to the help they need to be able to achieve self-actualization, or contribute to their communities. Then there are people who want to share their knowledge and skills, yet lack the channel and tools to connect with others. Our mission is to create these connections, and empower people to share their knowledge with others, and together realize their dreams.

Our roots ​​​

Proudly Canadian, we are thriving in a country that has the highest percentage of university and college graduates in the world. 
Abstract illustration of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada
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