About QuadC

The perfect solution to supporting students beyond the classroom!

Who is QuadC?

QuadC is a student success platform that helps higher ed institutions effortlessly deliver their academic support services to improve student recruitment and retention.

Our flexible platform enables institutions to connect students with all their available services including tutoring, mentoring, advising, and counselling services, both online and in-person. QuadC provides hassle-free scheduling, automated student and tutor matching workflows, real time conferencing tools, asynchronous messaging, Early Alerts for at risk students, supplemental AI Tutor support, and powerful analytics. These key capabilities significantly increases student retention, enhances student engagement, improves productivity, and streamlines operations.

QuadC is trusted by Georgia State University, University of Toronto, University of Pittsburgh, Maryville University, McMaster University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Carleton University, Sheridan College, and many more.

Our Mission​​​

Our mission

Universal access to knowledge should be a right and not a privilege. However, bright, creative and ambitious people often lack resources or access to the help they need to be able to achieve self-actualization, or contribute to their communities. Then there are people who want to share their knowledge and skills, yet lack the channel and tools to connect with others. Our mission is to create these connections, and empower people to share their knowledge with others, and together realize their dreams.

Our roots

Proudly Canadian, we are thriving in a country that has the highest percentage of university and college graduates in the world.

Our Roots ​​

Our Founder's Story



My name is Will and I’m the Co-founder and CEO of QuadC.

My eduction path was disrupted at an early age as I was focused more on athletics then academics. When my athletics training came to a sudden stop I was lost. To help me return to regular school, I was incredibly lucky to have been supported by two inspiring tutors. They helped me to learn in six months what it took the regular school program five years to cover.

They instilled in me a love of learning, confidence, wisdom and drive to chase my ambitions. I was hooked on the power of learning. While in university, I became a math and science tutor, and discovered how well 1-on-1 learning works for students. I realized that finding the right tutor nearby, can be very difficult – and vice versa. I found that a good tutor is also a mentor and as such, it’s a relationship that goes beyond simply subject-matter expertise.

Today, more colleges and universities have come to the same conclusion that by investing further in students they can help more students to succeed. That is what led me to start QuadC. I want to help others who suffered through similar challenges especially those that inspire to succeed at higher level education. I want to connect those students with a thirst for knowledge and understanding with the student success resources who can help them acquire it — no matter where they are on campus or remote.

I hope you will join us on our mission.