Discover why ‘Student Success’ is an outdated philosophy

In this whitepaper, "Why Leading Higher Education Institutions are Shifting from ‘Student Success’ to ‘Student Experience’", we explain why the distinction is important when improving student retention.


What's inside:

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Changing Student Demographics

The landscape of higher education is undergoing a significant demographic shift. Today's student body is more diverse than ever before, with a growing representation of non-traditional students.


Technological Advancements

Institutions are leveraging technology to enhance the student experience in a variety of ways, enabling students to access information, connect with peers and instructors, and receive support whenever and wherever they need it.

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Holistic Approach to Student Success

Leading higher education institutions are embracing a holistic approach to student success, recognizing that a positive and enriching student experience is essential for achieving academic, personal, and professional goals.


QuadC’s approach to Student Experience

QuadC serves as a centralized hub for student success initiatives, enabling institutions to connect students and faculty with a wide range of academic support services online.