Easily manage your advising program

Find out how QuadC can connect your students to all your advisors to help achieve greater results.


Improve communicate between stakeholders.

  • Identify students experiencing difficulty with courses
  • Manage cases with status updates
  • Communicate seamlessly
  • Schedule students with advisors
  • Refer students to other campus support resources

Identify Students Experiencing Difficulty with Courses

Manual Case Form

Manual Case Form

Address concerns beyond automated triggers:

  • Lack of class participation/engagement
  • Unsubmitted assignment
  • Low grades, poor homework/quiz scores
  • Habitual tardiness, other reasons...

Automated Cases

Automated Cases

Provide us with your lead indicators to set up automated notifications to faculty and student success staff.


A student receives a grade below 65% by Fall midterm date. Their teacher/professor/instructor is sent a notification to further inquire with that particular student.

Seamlessly Communicate

  • Two way communication between student and advisor
  • Group messaging
  • Monitor conversations for Admins
  • Alerts and notifications

Student Self-Serve & Scheduling

  • Browse all services available for 1:1 or group sessions, events and workshops
  • View advisors’ profiles
  • Book meetings
  • Provide relevant notes, files, or media for the meeting
  • Confirmations and reminders for both desktop and mobile

Referring Students to Services

Being a student can be challenging as they are discovering their strengths, weaknesses, as well as their interests, often while working part-time and dealing with life in general.

Enable your staff and faculty to refer students to campus-wide resources.


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