Easily manage your institution's advising program

Connect your students to all your advisors to help achieve greater results


Connect, communicate and collaborate amongst

  • Identify students experiencing difficulty with courses
  • Manage cases with status updates
  • Communicate seamlessly
  • Schedule students with advisors
  • Refer students to other campus support resources





Identify Students Experiencing Difficulty with Courses

Automated Cases

Automated Cases

Provide us with your lead indicators to set up automated notifications to faculty and student success staff.

Example: Student receives a grade below 65% by Fall midterm date. Their teacher/professor/instructor is sent a notification to further inquire with that particular student.

Manual Case Form

Manual Case Form

Address concerns beyond automated triggers:

- Lack of class participation/engagement
- Unsubmitted assignment
- Low grades, poor homework/quiz scores
- Habitual tardiness, other reasons...

Seamlessly Communicate

  • Two way communication between student and advisor
  • Group messaging
  • Monitor conversations for Admins
  • Alerts and notifications

Student Self-Serve & Scheduling

  • Browse all services available for 1:1 or group sessions, events and workshops
  • View advisors’ profiles
  • Book meetings
  • Provide relevant notes, files, or media for the meeting
  • Confirmations and reminders for both desktop and mobile

Referring Students to Services

Being a student can be challenging as they are discovering their strengths, weaknesses, as well as their interests, often while working part-time and dealing with life in general.

Enable your staff and faculty to refer students to campus-wide resources.


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