What is a MOOC?

MOOCs are massive open online courses, which means the course content is available for free via an internet connection. MOOCs can be created by any organization or individual who wishes to offer them, and there are no prerequisites with most MOOC providers. The person registering for a class does not need to have college credit because these courses do not count towards degrees of any kind – they’re simply about learning new skills in different subject areas that interest you or someone else enrolling in the class may want to know more about it.

MOOCs typically provide a challenging interactive experience for students due to the nature of participating in classes taught by top-notch professors from prestigious universities all over the world. Students are able to ask questions at any time through discussion boards or chat rooms which can be monitored by their classmates as well as teaching assistants who grade assignments and respond back elaborately on grades given within 24 hours after submission.

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