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QuadC can seamlessly integrate phone, text, app, and email communications. No more bouncing between services, now everything can be accessed by our dashboard. With all communications centralized, safety and regulation compliance are more easily managed.

Our early alert system even offers the ability to send pre-written messages to struggling students. This allows you to send messages quickly that impart relevant and approved information. This allows your administrators to be far more efficient and effective!

Students can chat with tutors on QuadC
permissions are easy to control

Seamless Integration

When communication between faculty and students is improved, it reduces the burden on administrators. Even interdepartmental communication can have a central hub- you are more efficient and effective when there are fewer moving parts.

The QuadC system can be configured to suit your needs- even if they change. Want to add a new department? Done. Need to change your organizational hierarchy? Simple. QuadC will work alongside you to deliver unparalleled support to you and your students.

Meet Students Where They Are

Many administrators prefer to communicate through email, however, that may not be the case for students! When more options are available to students, they are more likely to actually use the support systems you have built for them.

QuadC is a convinient system for students

educator teaching student

All This And More

You work hard to support your students.
Discover a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be leveraged for a wide range of academic support services.

...and much more!

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