Consolidate your software

QuadC is an all-in-one solution. No need for multiple scheduling, booking, and meeting software.

End-to-End Support

We are your new workflow engine. What began as a cutting edge video conferencing tool has developed into a completely integrated way for you to link students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Any support you need offered to students outside of the classroom can be expertly managed by QuadC. You can now queues, workshops, and events seamlessly, all while receiving valuable reporting data from every session.

We work with you to deliver efficient and effective student support. We build upon your existing systems and departments to create a holistic platform that consolidates all your management programs with our own.

Connect faculty and students
Data dashboard for advisors to see whats going on with their students

The Data You Want- When You Need It

QuadC is the best way for you to support your students outside of the classroom. But we didn’t stop there. With our help, you can create efficient workflows and lead more effective departments. Our platform lets you lead teams, manage workflows, and allocate resources better. Instead of using several different programs for scheduling, conferencing, communicating, and data reporting- we put everything in one place.

You operate best when you have all the information you need. Not only can you see relevant and detailed data reports, you can also view feedback forms from completed sessions. And while data is useful, sometimes it’s best to simply ask the question you want answered. So we also built a system that allows you to create surveys and even have them recur, so you always have updated information.

Simple To Use

Onboarding staff and faculty with QuadC is simple. Our interface is intuitive, and we provide a step-by-step guide for setup. For any outstanding questions, we have expert support resources at your disposal. For example, if you need help integrating an early alert system, we have written an authoritative guide that helps you do just that.

We are proud to bring you this versatile and robust system. We would love to meet with you and find how QuadC can help your institution thrive. Click below now to schedule an information meeting with one of our specialists.

Advisors will love how easy QuadC is to use
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All This And More

You work hard to support your students.
Discover a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be leveraged for a wide range of academic support services.

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