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Positive Impact On Students

Students who feel supported are more likely to be successful. You can give them the help they need when your aid departments are operating at their best. With accurate and insightful data you can allocate resources appropriately. 

Not only will QuadC help you schedule meetings, but it will also host those meetings and show your session activity data. This holistic approach reduces the number of moving parts, and gives you the information you actually need. As a department head, you can view your faculty’s busiest times, days, and subjects. This allows you to build work schedules and plan ahead.

Through our system, students and tutors can make appointments and have sessions together. QuadC will record the popular tutors, subjects, student users, and even track payments. With this, you’ll be able to see which courses students are finding most difficult, and ensure they get the help they need. Some schools have even changed their course structure with data that came from student support systems.

advisor and student meeting
Data dashboard for advisors to see what's going on with their students

Maximize Efficiency

QuadC is a workflow engine designed to help you become more efficient. When you know which departments require more resources, you reduce workload strain and administrative time. Students can even schedule their own appointments around predetermined staff availability- so scheduling and meeting set-up are done easier than ever. When reporting on those meetings, QuadC makes it easy for you to find the data that is relevant to you. Now you can filter data on everyone from professors to advisors. 

Efficiency equals improvement in time use. When you operate more efficiently, you save costs. QuadC helps you manage workflows and optimize resource allocation. Through data reports, you have control over everything. You can see which departments need help, and which departments are already streamlined.


Because QuadC integrates with all your video conferencing, scheduling, messaging, SSO, SIS, and LMS platforms, you can consolidate your disparate data. By doing this, you can monitor all aspects of communication outside of the classroom. You can even select key stats to be on display so you are constantly updated.

You can share this data, or allocate access permissions as you see fit. Through these permissions, you can review communications and session details for compliance and academic integrity. And when a lack of compliance is found, you have the power to remove access as needed.

QuadC is a robust platform with important applications to your institution. We would love to share more about how we can help you. Please reach out to one of our experts and we will be glad to give you a demonstration.

Reporting on student progress

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