Effortless Connection Through Scheduling

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Consolidate

Student-Led And Administrator Controlled Scheduling

QuadC allows you to choose whether you want your scheduling to be Student-Led or Administrator-Led:


  • Reduces scheduling workload on administrators
  • Students find a time that works best for them
  • Automatic confirmations and reminders sent
  • Intuitive interface, allows students to see availability
  • Students can choose the student success admin they think will be the best fit for them


  • Have direct control over admin workflows
  • QuadC simplifies the process to reduce time and complexity
  • See data reports, allowing you to
  • Cloud-based, user-friendly, scalable, and flexible design
  • Create resource profiles to help showcase the types of resources on hand.
Its easy to schedule appointments with QuadC
QuadC provides efficient workflows that retain more students

Customized workflows to retain students

Many higher ed students are struggling to get the support they need outside the classroom. When a student walks away, they leave their institution without reliable revenue. This puts an enormous strain on resources.

QuadC exists to solve this problem. We can reduce your DFW rates by 6X. Our simple to use scheduling tool allows students and administrators to interact more efficiently than ever before.

Versatility Behind The Scenes

QuadC creates a space for customization. Want to create a new department? Done. Want to overhaul an administrative hierarchy? Easy.

We are here to be your new workflow engine. The driving force to support all your needs and changes. Higher ed institutions are always shifting, that’s why we’re here with you every step of the way.

QuadC roles and permissions are easy to set up and change
Calendars are easy to schedule with QuadC

Easily Manage Your Resource Calendars

Now administrators can easily control the calendar availability of all their staff. Maximize student support services by ensuring coverage and accessibility.

By managing workflows through our intuitive system, you can ensure you’re making the best use of your time.

Track and Report Student Impact

Reliable data is the cornerstone of creating impactful student success programs. Through QuadC, you see real-time and historic usage information. This allows you to optimize staff schedules and department resources.

You make the best decisions when you have all the information available to you. By tracking your impact, you are able to make decisions quickly. QuadC allows you to do this and much more.

Faculty can coordinate student aid with QuadC

educator teaching student

All This And More

You work hard to support your students.
Discover a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be leveraged for a wide range of academic support services.

...and much more!

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