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81% of students who received tutoring support saytheir grades improved because of tutoring

Group Learning

QuadC helps institutions connect students to their institution’s tutoring resources – both online and in-person. We improve communication and collaboration between student peers, administrators, professors, advisors, mentors, and coaches. And with hassle-free scheduling, matching workflows and powerful analytics, our partners realize increased student retention, improved productivity, and more streamlined operations.

Your Tutoring Program Your Way

QuadC is highly customizable, allowing you to take advantage of automation and modern technology without sacrificing your pedagogy. Whether online, in-person or a hybrid, a single or multi-campus environment, our learning community platform can be configured to fit your needs.


How it works

Browse Alumni Profiles

Browse or Assign Tutors

Students browse tutors profiles identifying stories, expertise, and backgrounds that resonate. Our powerful search and filtering makes it easy for every participant to find the perfect match.

Schedule with Students

Scheduling Made Easy

Let users find availability via profiles, search for dates and times that fit their schedule, or have an administrator assign sessions, whichever way works best for you. Sessions can be set up as 1-on-1 or in groups. Our platform automatically sends out reminder notices so each session goes off without a hitch.

Connect Online Easily

Virtual Classroom Included

Once a session is booked, a calendar invite is sent to all parties with the QuadC video conference link included. If you want to integrate with Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams we have you covered.


Customizable virtual user experience

Customized scheduling workflow for easier session coordination


In-person, on-line, or hybrid - one platform to manage it all

Manage all your events and workshops in one place​

Easy-to-use administrative monitoring tools for all user activity

Text Messaging​

Comprehensive scheduling


Tutor profile listings based on availability, subject matter, courses and location


Reporting and analytics that offer you more insights on tutoring programs​

Customizable virtual user experience

Online classroom for greater accessibility


Comprehensive tutor schedule overview for easy tracking tutors availability


Engaging user experience


Make the right match

Text Messaging​

Communicate with students, their way


Track everything

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Integrate for a better experience

Live Support

Actionable feedback that helps tutors get better and better


Minimize admin time with dashboards, reports and surveys

Collaborative Onboarding​

One platform for the entire institution

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