Carleton University | Improving connectivity by removing barriers in the way of success to support students

Carleton University is a dynamic teaching and research institution in Ottawa, Canada. Here, students prepare for successful careers and further studies through a broad range of premium undergraduate to graduate degrees.

The university inspires the next generation via a dedicated faculty with access to advanced classroom tools. Engineering, architecture, industrial design, and information technology programs from Carleton University continue to lead the nation.


Home to over 30,000 part-time and full-time students, Carleton University, recognized a clear need to connect learners to key online and in-person resources seamlessly.

Without an all-in-one integrated platform, students struggled to gain the services they needed day-to-day. Registration, counselling, and academic support were among the top areas that required improvement.

A traditional drop-in scheduling approach alongside a lack of digital tools got in the way of academic success. Learners were unable to get the most from complex learning environments. This included limited access to program features such as classwork, professor meetings, tutors, and other advanced tools.


QuadC enhanced the full range of student support services by improving Carleton University’s overall connectivity. One virtual dashboard now eases access and removes barriers in the way of success.

A virtual classroom offers endless advantages to Carleton students in person or abroad. The entire campus has full access to a continuous, confidential support network tailored to student, professor, and tutor schedules. The capacity and geographical constraints of a traditional class are no longer an issue as services are accessible via a range of devices.

A collaborative space shares course-specific information, including worksheets and programming languages. Here, students can view, edit, and save documents on the platform for their personal study needs. This more structured, enhanced lesson plan improves class comprehension of otherwise complicated coursework.

Direct access to tutors and professionals, alongside detailed bios, helps students match queries with the specific support required. Complete one-on-one assistance addresses issues more efficiently and with greater detail. Thanks to this critical component, all of the necessary resources come free from the stigma associated with seeking help.

The hands-free system proved a useful administrative tool when it comes to overseeing service demands. An analysis of these patterns allows the institution to understand better and address core issues students face day-to-day.

Key Features:

  • Self-service booking
  • Virtual classroom
  • Improved access to services
  • Administrative support


Since adding QuadC to daily operations, Carleton University students and faculty have been impressed by the advanced system. Low maintenance, ease of use, and comprehensive coverage top the list of benefits the solutions offer to the academic institution. Key resources essential to growth are currently more accessible to more individuals. There are no issues to report as the QuadC team remains readily available to address any issues that may later arise.

“TutorOcean (QuadC) has provided us with the flexibility and support to continue to provide one-on-one tutoring services to our students living in Canada and internationally. By moving our services online, we’ve been able to expand our operating hours to match the availability of our students, and the virtual learning environment has all the tools we need to support our students in Engineering.”

Mark Williams
Coordinator at the Elsie MacGill Learning Centre (EMLC)


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