Georgia State University Turns to QuadC for a Scalable Solution to Deliver Academic Support Programs to Students

Georgia State University partners with QuadC to deliver online tutoring and academic support programs to students, resulting in enhanced engagement and success.

Georgia State University finds the flexibility and scale it needs to deploy online tutoring for six campuses 

October 14, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – With the COVID-19 pandemic creating in just a few days the volume of demand for online tutoring typically seen in a whole semester, QuadC by TutorOcean has helped Georgia State University rise to the challenge.

Georgia State University (GSU) is an enterprising public research university in Atlanta with a world-class faculty that serves more than 53,000 students. It is a national leader in graduating students from diverse backgrounds, having been ranked the second most innovative university in the U.S. and the top university in the country for its commitment to teaching.

Since the pandemic began, GSU has been working with QuadC to deploy virtual learning at Perimeter College (which encompasses five campuses) and the downtown Atlanta campus. With QuadC, GSU has been able to quickly transition ahead of the fall semester to take tutoring, peer mentoring, the ever-popular drop-in sessions and supplemental instruction online.

As of Oct. 1, QuadC is being used through Perimeter College’s Learning & Tutoring Center and downtown at GSU’s Center for STEM Education Initiatives, with growing interest from other departments. In total, some 300 administrators, tutors and supplemental instructors are using QuadC to support thousands of students.

The challenge of finding, vetting and deploying a virtual learning platform for the fall semester fell on the shoulders of Theo Tate, Dunwoody Math Supervisor at the Learning & Tutoring Center. QuadC wasn’t the only tutoring service that came knocking last winter, but it quickly proved to be the most straightforward and user-friendly – for the student, for the tutor and for the administrator focused on the logistics of scheduling, data mining and quality assurance, Tate said.

“QuadC is very intuitive. I have tested many other products, and this is by far the best one. It has completely reinvented, even revolutionized, our online tutoring. We are definitely going to keep this online presence up, even beyond the pandemic.”

Flexibility is also crucial as GSU considers its current needs and how these may change over time on a department-by-department basis.

“What one department may want and need can be very different from another,” Tate said. “QuadC takes the time to understand where we are going and what we are working toward. Its team relies on our feedback to work in the most effective way with how GSU is compartmentalized. It’s this collaborative approach that has enabled QuadC to deliver great value in such a short period of time.”

A growing number of post-secondary institutions in the U.S. and Canada have turned to QuadC. Through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard, departmental and support-centre administrators can effortlessly manage their institution’s peer-supported academic programs and all the logistics of tutor vetting and onboarding, scheduling and attendance, payment processing, and data and analytics.

The QuadC platform also serves as an instant messaging service between students and tutors and monitors their interactions. Administrators can track progress, review session feedback, and ensure standards for academic quality and integrity are being met.

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