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Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia. Founded in 1962, the two-year public commuter college serves the diverse needs of 11 counties through the provision of traditional on-site and distance education academic programs and services. 

Tutoring overseen by CGTC’s Library and Academic Support Services provides students with the additional support they need to thrive. 


  • 3 weeks to fully implement
  • 50% increase in bookings and assignment submissions
  • 30% of sessions are now online
  • $26K savings
  • 939 students on-boarded
  • 41 academic support staff and faculty on-boarded


  • Lack of online capabilities resulted in support being solely delivered in person, contradicting COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Minimal uptake of online/out-of-hours support from third-party vendors – without the desired outcomes for students.
  • Antiquated software could not provide management with the tracking necessary to make data-driven decisions. 


The Library and Academic Support Services team is tasked with supporting the additional learning needs of CGTC’s diverse student population. 

CGTC chose QuadC to leverage its tutoring services – allowing students and in-house tutors to connect online or in person

QuadC’s platform provides CGTC’s Library and Academic Support Services team with the centralized overview and features needed to create an online academic support portal tailored to its students’ needs. 

As well as alleviating the institution’s reliance on third-party vendors, QuadC makes it possible for the college’s in-house tutors to work directly with students regardless of their location. 

Working with tutors aware of their needs is a real benefit, as Director of Library and Academic Support Services Allison Repzynski, explains.  

“Studies here are not especially research-intensive, as you can imagine. If you’re training for a degree in welding, you won’t necessarily need to undertake the deep literary analysis of an English degree. Our team recognizes this and reflects this in the learning.”

Allison “was sold” on TutorOcean when she saw how easy it was to set up and use for students, tutors and support staff alike. 

The whole process took just three weeks from sign-up to completion of training. 

Following its successful implementation, plans are already underway to extend the use of this academic management tool to include faculty office hours and student support.

Key Features

Centralized management tool with advanced tracking provides Library and Academic Support Services with valuable insights.

Quick and easy-user experience increases engagement while reducing the risk of stress.

Customizable features give CGTC staff greater control over the look and feel of the platform for students and staff alike.

Customer Testimonial

“QuadC was a lifeline when COVID arrived. Normally, a project like this takes months. After one week, we were up and running. Within another, we were trained. By the third week, we were onboarding. Usually, you have to move heaven and earth. Nothing ever goes that easy! Now our students and the college are getting far more for much less. It’s been a win-win.”

Allison Repzynski
Director, Library and Academic Support Services
Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC)

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