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Sheridan College provides innovative career-focused programs spanning a range from technology to arts. The college’s Learning Services has been looking to improve the management and scheduling of different learning assistant and tutoring programs across three different campuses, covering 120 subjects. In implementing a platform that could easily manage three versions of peer-assisted tutoring, they also needed the system to be securely integrated with a Canadian-based server.

The challenge:

  • Providing a scheduling system for multiple tutoring programs, each with its own subject areas and booking process
  • Generating a comprehensive view of tutor availability based on location, tutoring program, and subject
  • Enabling more flexibility in scheduled time slots, such as on every hour and half-hour
  • Capturing attendance for both 1-on-1 and group drop-in sessions
  • Incorporating user activity within all programs into an easy-to-use admin interface for monitoring and reporting/analytics

The benefits:

  • Full integration of all tutoring program scheduling requirements within one system
  • Clear separation of reporting data between programs, all within one user interface for the administrative team
  • Ability to capture and monitor all aspects of tutoring activity, including feedback and attendance, in accordance with the tutoring program in question
  • Convenience of booking for students with an added degree of flexibility with the booking time and session length
  • User-friendly session availability searches with practical filters for subject, course, location, etc.

QuadC’s platform provides Sheridan with an efficient scheduling system that generates an all-encompassing view of tutor availability based on program type, subject, time range, and location. There is no longer the need to confirm with the tutor beforehand, as scheduling availability is established and displayed within each tutor’s profile and through the calendar-based schedule view for all listed tutors of a particular program.

The platform addresses the challenge of designing a streamlined calendar that systematizes multiple tutoring programs but at the same time arranges them in a manner that clearly differentiates them in terms of available subjects and booking processes, therefore giving students more flexibility and support.

Special administrative access for the Tutoring Centre’s coordinators allows for monitoring of all in-app messaging communication and session activity while reporting analytics features embedded within the system help with strategic insights in terms of attendance for both 1-on-1 and group drop-in sessions and user activity and behaviour.

“It has been a great pleasure working with the team so far. We are really excited to be using this new platform! We will only have great things to say about the platform and the great customer service we have received.”

Kurt Simpson
Tutoring & Library Associate
Sheridan College

QuadC’s platform is able to keep separate workflows for Sheridan’s different tutoring programs and ensure a user-friendly and intuitive interface for all students and tutors. Based on specific academic needs, students have easy access to 1-on-1, individualized tutoring across the college’s three campuses and throughout all its academic programs.

The platform also reduces the administrative hassle of booking coordination, empowers program coordinators with monitoring and data analytics tools, and, overall, delivers an intuitive and seamless experience for all users.


QuadC’s platform has been imperative in connecting students with appropriate academic support in our Tutoring Centres across multiple campuses. The user-friendly platform allows our students to search by subject, course or tutor name and filter by campus and program type, so students can easily connect with the right tutor and find the support they need. The easy-to-use booking system and the integrated direct messaging feature have improved the overall response time between our tutors and students and have helped both our tutors and students manage their busy day-to-day schedules. We are also highly impressed by the reporting analytics feature, which has allowed our team to report on tutoring statistics at a moment’s notice quickly!

Elly Choi
Learning Services Coordinator
Sheridan College

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