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Academic Success

What is academic sucess?

Academic success is the degree to which a student has achieved their academic goals. In other words, it’s what you have set out as your goal for yourself and how well you’ve been able to achieve that goal.

Academic success can be measured in many ways: grades, GPA or standardized test scores are just some of those measurements. It doesn’t only apply to students who want good grades but also applies to people looking at entering a trade school because they may not need high marks in a certain subject area like math or English because they’ll never use them again after graduating from college with their bachelor’s degree in business administration for example.

Academic success encompasses both quantitative and qualitative factors that are often difficult to measure objectively in isolation from one another. Quantitative measures might include grade point average (GPA) or class rank; while qualitative measures may involve satisfaction with educational experience, sense of personal accomplishment, intellectual development, and self-awareness acquired through education. Academic success can also be measured by external standards for example being accepted into an Ivy League university.

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