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Student Early Alert System

What is a student early alert system?

Early warning systems have been used for many years in a variety of contexts. They are used to predict when a patient may have a heart attack, when a hurricane might hit, and when a person’s illness is about to get worse. The Student Early Alert System (SEAS) is an extension of this concept designed to predict when a student might be struggling academically or emotionally so that early intervention can take place. With the SEAS, schools are able to identify students who are at risk of dropping out or who may have mental health issues without waiting for these events to happen. This means that problems can be addressed before they escalate and preventative actions can be taken. Student early alert systems are designed to school administrators a heads up about students that may be at risk of dropping out or those that need extra support. The goal of the system is to help minimize these risks by identifying them as early as possible so they can be addressed.

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