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University Convocation

What is a university convocation?

University convocation is a formal ceremony in which degrees are conferred upon graduating students. It may also be called “degree day” or “commencement”, depending on the institution and local tradition.

The event celebrates all graduates, not just those who have completed their undergraduate degrees. The graduation procession starts from processional music as graduands in ceremonial robes march into view, followed by faculty members in regalia or formal attire carrying garlands to exchange with graduands at the stage’s steps (or platform).

The event typically includes academic processions, speeches by distinguished members of academia such as presidents or faculty deans, music performed by university-affiliated ensembles, prayers delivered either to commence degree conferral or to honor those who have positively influenced the graduate’s life (speakers), the introduction of family members and friends attending graduation proceedings with their names read out loud followed by applause from graduates’ colleagues.

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