ABAC | Maximizing online engagement doubles tutoring sessions and efficiency

Maximizing online engagement at ABAC doubles tutoring sessions and efficiency, resulting in budget savings and improved student support with QuadC.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) is a state college in Tifton, Georgia. ABAC offers associate and baccalaureate degrees and its depth of study attracts a diverse student population. Students from 152 counties currently attend, as well as their peers from 17 US states and 11 countries. Tutoring Services, together with Academic and Student Affairs, is tasked with supporting the additional learning needs of ABAC’s large student population, including those attending at a satellite facility.




  • 1 week implementation time
  • 100% increase in tutor sessions delivered
  • 10% of sessions are now served online
  • 45% reduction in administration overhead
  • $5K budget savings
  • 1,000 active student users
  • 20 active tutor users


  • No booking or scheduling capabilities within existing software resulted in only offering drop-in services.
  • Non-intuitive software was clunky and difficult to navigate.
  • Lack of functionality for students and tutors required administrators to schedule manually, set up, and amend online sessions on demand.


By partnering with QuadC, ABAC successfully leveraged its tutoring services in just one week. While many students continue to attend sessions in person, QuadC makes it possible for ABAC students to connect with their tutors online. 

Customized profiles, tailored to the needs of these distinct user groups, allow users the opportunity to manage their personal timetables without needing to involve administrators. 

As well as scheduling appointments, tutors can set their own office hours via the easy-to-use interface. By allowing tutors to self-manage their availability, the system always reflects the most current and correct information. 

QuadC's capabilities proved incredibly useful when a satellite facility, with its own team of tutors and administrators, was integrated into ABAC and the system. 

Through QuadC’s analysis and insights, the team identified inefficiencies, as well as the steps needed to overcome them, such as moving students from the satellite facility to online tutoring wherever possible.

“QuadC made us significantly more effective with our time and resources,” explains Joshua Clements, Tutoring Services Coordinator. 

“When we ran drop-in clinics, tutors at two separate locations, often covering similar subjects, might spend a lot of time simply waiting for students to arrive. Offering scheduled appointments allows them to focus their efforts more.”

While ABAC previously paid, on average, five hours for one hour of tutoring, Tutoring Services now successfully delivers double the tutor sessions at twice the efficiency.  

QuadC’s platform provides the Tutoring Services team with the centralized overview and functions needed to develop a robust online academic support portal that meets the needs of ABAC’s students and staff.

Key Features

A centralized overview provides management with an overview, analysis and insights needed to maximize operational efficiency.

Customizable profiles for tutors and students give ABAC control over the user experience – tailoring it to the precise needs of both groups.

Real-time tracking and scheduling capabilities ensure maximum information is available for student appeals.

Customer Testimonials

“QuadC’s adamant about their product; they are pushing something awesome. More than that was their willingness to work with us to customize the product. Phenomenal!

Joshua Clements
Coordinator, Tutoring Services

“QuadC gives our students and tutors the autonomy and flexibility they need to manage their sessions themselves.”

Jana Malone
Tutor Support Professional, Academic, and Student Affairs


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