Kwantlen Polytechnic University | A multi-campus polytechnic integrates an efficient and effective tutoring management system

Discover how Kwantlen Polytechnic University implemented a user-friendly tutoring management system to streamline scheduling, enhance student engagement, and improve administrative efficiency.

With five campuses located in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) offers more than 120 programs to approximately 20,000 students. The university is committed to fostering a student-centred learning environment, as well as preparing for a technology-enabled future. KPU’s Learning Centre was looking to fulfill its expanding peer tutoring scheduling and coordination requirements.

Peer Tutoring Management Platform


  • An easy-to-use scheduling system for in-person and online sessions
  • Asynchronous peer assignment review
  • Single sign-on integration to allow easy access
  • Efficient messaging and booking process
  • Special administrative access over user accounts
  • Integrated online sessions for remote users
  • Deployed in time for the new school year

Thanks to its cloud-based, user-friendly, scalable, and flexible design, not only did QuadC find ways to integrate its platform to benefit KPU’s tutoring program, but it was also achieved within a short time frame in preparation for the fall semester.

Single sign-on integration enables easy access

QuadC’s option for single sign-on integration with KPU’s tutoring program allows for ease of access and use for both peer tutors and students while granting special administrative access to KPU’s Student Development & Success team.

QuadC Delivers

  • Customized scheduling workflow for easy session coordination
  • Reporting and analytics for more strategic insights into the tutoring program
  • Administrative monitoring tools for all user activity (e.g. session bookings, student-tutor messaging)
  • Tutor profile listing based on availability, subject matter, course, etc.
  • Comprehensive tutor schedule overview for easy tracking of all tutors’ availability
  • Online classroom for greater accessibility to Richmond campus students

A comprehensive scheduling system

Using QuadC’s tutoring management platform, students are now able to search tutors by subject, program, campus, availability, and more. This is a game-changer for KPU, as students can directly book a time slot without having to first communicate with the tutor for written confirmation. This helps both tutors and students coordinate their own schedules with greater ease and save valuable time when booking sessions.

Hassle-free administration

Whether an institution’s peer tutoring program subsidizes its tutoring sessions or whether students require a way to process payments to tutors, QuadC’s platform reduces administrative hassle for all users. In addition, the platform provides an extra measure of security by allowing administrators to monitor and manage all activities and student-tutor messaging within the program.

Virtual classroom connects campuses and further technological advancement

QuadC allows KPU to remain at the technological forefront by fully integrating virtual classroom tools for online sessions, a supplementary but especially useful feature for tutor matching between campuses.

“Your consistent, positive and collaborative approaches to working with our team have made our move to QuadC exceptionally rewarding.” Lyn Benn, Director, Student Development 

Working closely with KPU’s Learning Centre, QuadC has deployed a comprehensive solution that improves efficiency for tutors and students while drastically freeing up coordinators’ time and delivering valuable insights on its tutoring program.

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