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Discover how Laurentian University's seamless tutoring system, powered by QuadC, enhances student engagement and experience.

Laurentian University has long been a bilingual, community-oriented institution in Canada. By remaining very hands-on with student engagement, the university has seen tremendous improvement in graduate employment rates. The QuadC tutoring management platform has further empowered the university’s dynamic approach to student success.


  • Creating incentives for students to use their tutoring services
  • Allowing students to communicate directly with tutors and coordinate sessions while enabling administrators to monitor the entire process
  • Tracking payment from students to tutors without imposing additional paperwork
  • Ensure that tutoring rates remain within student budgets


  • Coupon distribution, electronically redeemable within the platform
  • In-app messaging between students and tutors to further coordinate session scheduling and content
  • Payment processing is fully integrated into the platform
  • Administrative control over maximum hourly rate for tutors

QuadC not only drastically improved what used to be Laurentian’s tedious process of administering all activities related to tutoring, but its innovative features also increased efficiency, program scope, and security of students’ information. For example, coordinators have complete control over the built-in internal coupons management tool, which generates printable and electronic coupons that can be distributed to students across the campus.

With a single sign-on system, students can easily access the platform and a comprehensive availability overview for multiple tutoring programs. There, students can conduct specific searches based on any criteria on tutors’ profiles and book a tutor whose expertise or experience that best suit their needs. Through the secure and convenient in-app messenger, students and tutors can discuss the details of their upcoming online or in-person sessions. In addition, students looking for a more economical option can use the variable-rate feature, which allows them to attend group sessions at a reduced price.  

The QuadC platform has a real-time monitoring feature that allows coordinators to ensure that students and tutors abide by academic integrity protocols. The platform also has a customizable feedback system where students and tutors can choose questions to answer that would best describe their tutoring experience. Reciprocal in its nature, this review system easily generates performance evaluations that hold both students and tutors accountable. Laurentian coordinators can also review these evaluations in order to gain a good understanding of students’ learning goals and progress, and look into any changes that may ensure those goals are met throughout the semester.

With a click of a button, Laurentian coordinators can see customized and extensive dashboards that help them assess student engagement and well-being based on both quantitative and qualitative data. These dashboards can also be adjusted to display statistics either over time or at a specific point in time during the semester, providing a convenient overview of the program that enables coordinators to identify tutoring subject areas in need of additional help.


“QuadC is becoming more and more popular, but there’s been no lack of attention to our needs. Customer Success has been very prompt, accommodating and polite in every one of our points of contact.”

Jason-Scott Benoit
Coordinator, Centre for Academic Excellence
Laurentian University

By minimizing administrative load, simplifying processes, broadening program scope, and enhancing privacy and security, the QuadC platform provided Laurentian with a consolidated solution to effectively and efficiently manage its peer-tutoring program; in turn, reinforces the university’s hands-on approach in fostering student achievement.


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